GSO Search DVD Instructions

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GSO Search DVD Instructions

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GSO on DVD Search CD Instructions

A simplified search engine has been created for the “GSO Site on DVD” disk to replace the sites non functioning search engine .

3 separate search documents are available on the CD.

“ Mk1 Search” covers the Mk 1 Tech forums . 3.31 Mb
“ Mk2 Search” covers the Mk 11 Tech forums . 13.29 Mb
“ Mk3 Search” covers the Mk 111 Tech forums . 73.88 Mb

Insert CD & Select “ Open “
Download any or all of the sections to your PC

Open using you word reader program
( free word programs such as “Open Office” can be used or “MS Word” )

The save option is recommended as the document will only have to be downloaded once .

Open the document , now open the search function ( usually File / Find ) type in the word or phrase you wish to search for eg bakes , click find . All the threads with that word / phrase should now be highlighted , scroll down the document to the next GSO Header on the L/H side on the R/H side is the page number that post is on EG [1] 2 3 ( page 1 in this case )

Only the thread titles can be searched for not words in the threads themselves, but I hope this makes searching for a subject a little easier on the DVD.

The Search Cd & GSO on DVD will run much faster if loaded to the PC due to the number of files involved .
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