Bonnet Release Faulty " Solved "

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Bonnet Release Faulty " Solved "

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The following method was used to open the bonnet on a Mk3 Cosworth but I see no reason why it would not work on all models . It takes about 3 Hrs to carry out .

Tools Required
Tools required
Tools required
First remove indicator light units using the bent rod , gently ease unit away from headlight so you can see the retaining spring clip . Now the brutal part , hook the bent rod round the spring and pull forwords some force may be needed .
Next remove the radiator grill . Using the Torx allen key you can just get to the 2 top retaining screws by lifting up the bonnet rubber seal . Release the grill side clips ( 2 each side 1 at the front , 1 at the rear ) .
Next using the Torx socket undo the 2 bumper retain bolls at the front of bumper . Look behind bumper and unclip 2 retaining stays ( front of bumper ) . Pull bumper forwards ( 2 retaining clips are at the rear of bumper where it fits to wings ).
Remove radiator top cover .
Fan Cover.jpg
Using the Picts below and above as guide use the hole saw ( 25 - 30 mm ) to drill a hole in the underside of the bonnet stiking plate .
The arrow points to the bonnet release carch . Pull to the left and bonnet will open .

With the bonnet now open remove radiator top plastic cover ( 2 bolts & 2 push pins ) , unclip the plastic wiring conduit on top of radiator & remove the 3 screws holding the bonnet catch in place . Ease out the locking mechanism as in Pict below .
Cable Out.jpg
Pict below shows cable in place .
Cable In.jpg
Either replace missing plastic grommet or use 2 cable ties crossed to hold cable in place . Poor Pic below .
re-fit bonnet lock and test opperation of release catch . If working OK shut bonnet and confirm correct operation .
Bonnet Catch.jpg
Cover hole with tape to stop water / dirt getting into mechanism . Refit all parts removed .


The bumper bolts screw into a metal clip these may be loose fitting and fall out when refiiting bumper . Use fibreglass webbing to hold in place , allow fibreglass to set then refit bumper .
The removal of the indicator light units is quite brutal , but if the unit breaks fibreglass can be used to repair or new unit obtained from E Bay .
Of course the grommet / cable tie is best done before the above is needed to be carried out
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